Login Failed

FTP Explorer Troubleshooting Tip: 62005


FTP Explorer was attempting log in to the FTP server, but the server rejected the login credentials.

Possible Causes:

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Contact the FTP server's administrator.

    Discuss the problem with the FTP server's administrator.  Verify that you are using the correct login account and password.  Verify that you are connecting to the appropriate host name.

    If you are attempting to log on anonymously, verify that the server you are connecting to will accept anonymous logins.  If you are trying to upload (send) files to the server, most of the time this will require a user account.  Anonymous logins are usually read-only.
  2. If necessary, update the profile configuration.

    Once you have determined the correct settings, open the Connection Dialog via the TOOLS, CONNECT menu option, then select the appropriate profile and update the settings to the correct values.

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