Unexpected Response From Server

FTP Explorer Troubleshooting Tip: 62002


FTP Explorer received an unexpected response from the FTP server

This is an unusual problem that is most likely due to some type of incompatibility between FTP Explorer and the FTP server.

Possible Causes:

Troubleshooting Steps:

  1. Review the FTP log for any messages that might have been received from the server.

    These messages might indicate the source of the problem.  The FTP log pane appears at the bottom of the FTP Explorer window.  If you are unable to see the FTP log pane, select "FTP Log" from the "View" menu.
  2. Send the FTP log to the FTP Explorer technical support team for review.

    From the "Help" menu, choose the "Send Logs To Technical Support" option.  This will create an email addressed to FTP Explorer support with the log file attached.  Send this email and our support staff will review it and try to offer assistance.
  3. Contact the FTP server's administrator.

    Discuss the problem with the FTP server's administrator.  There may be something they can do to help remedy the problem.
  4. If necessary, update the profile configuration.

    Once you have determined the correct settings, open the Connection Dialog via the TOOLS, CONNECT menu option, then select the appropriate profile and update the settings to the correct values.

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