FTP Explorer Help

File Types

Use these filenames as description files

This feature allows you to add to the automatically detected index file listing of the program. FTP Explorer will look for any of the files contained in this list to load as the description file for the connected server. If you connect to a server that has an index file, but the file descriptions do not load, simply add the name of the index file to this list, and refresh the listing (Context Menu or Tools Menu). As long as the index file conforms to the �filename � description� method of listing its entries, FTP Explorer will recognize the format, and display the descriptions properly. To add an index file to the list, simply type it in the space provided (case sensitive), and press the upper Add button.

Always use ASCII mode for files with these extensions

Prior to transferring any files, FTP Explorer compares the extension of the filename (if it exists) with the extensions in this list. If it encounters a match, it will automatically switch to ASCII mode before processing the file. This feature is a convenience for transferring files that must be handled in ASCII format. To add an extension to the list, type it in the field provided, then press the lower Add button. It will appear in the list once it has been processed successfully.