FTP Explorer Help

Connection Options

Show connect dialog at startup

When enabled, this option will automatically display the connection dialog at program startup.

Prompt for password

If no password is specified in a connection profile, FTP Explorer will prompt for the password before every connection if this option is enabled. This feature was added for security reasons. If a password is saved in the profile, the value of this option does not have any effect.

Hide files and folders that start with a period

Any files or folders on any connected server that begin with a "."will not be displayed in either the Tree or List views of the program. Some servers, by default, do not list files that begin with a period. To view files that begin with a period on these servers, the server must be configured appropriately.

Send keepalive to prevent time-outs

If this option is enabled, FTP Explorer will send commands periodically to prevent the connection from timing out due to inactivity. Take care when using this option if you are charged a per-hour rate for your Internet connection. FTP Explorer will maintain the connection indefinitely when this option is selected.

Note:  Some servers do not appreciate this behavior and will disconnect you if they discover you trying to keep an idle connection alive.

Default Connection Retry Settings

This group of options allow FTP Explorer to attempt to connect the number of times specified if the connection is refused. The �Timeout attempt after � seconds� field puts a time limit on each connection attempt. The period between connection attempts can be specified in the �Wait� seconds�� field. If the program cannot connect in the number of tries specified, it will write an explanation to the FTP Log and stop trying.