FTP Explorer Help

Help Menu

The Help Menu contains choices to display this help file, and display important program copyright information.


This option displays the FTP Explorer help contents page.


This option displays license information.

Enter Registration Key

This option displays a dialog box that allows you to enter your registration key.

Register For A License

This option opens the FTP Explorer registration page.

FTP Explorer Home Page

This option opens the FTP Explorer home page.

Check For Updates

This option checks to see if any software version updates are available for downloading.  The program will perform this function automatically when it starts, unless disabled via the options dialog.

Send Logs To Technical Support

This option emails the FTP logs to FTP Explorer technical support.  Choose this option if you are having a problem and need technical support.

About FTP Explorer

The program "About" box is displayed after choosing this selection. It contains copyright, version, and registration information about FTP Explorer.